Glory! Glory!

(1988) TV

Director: Lindsay Anderson
Producers: Stan Daniels, Seaton MacLean, Home Box Office
Executive Producers: Bonny Dore and Leslie Greif
Supervising Producer: Michael MacMillan
Co-Producer: Johnathan Goodwill
Screenplay: Stan Daniels, from a story by Stan Daniels and Bonny Dore
Director of Photography: Mike Fash
Sound Design: Bruce Nyznik
Musical Score: Chris Dedrick
Music Supervised by: Steve Tyrell and The Tyrell Music Group
Editor: Ruth Foster
Casting: Mike Fenton, Jane Feinberg, Karen Hazzard
Production Designer: Andris Hausmanis
Costumes: Francois Laplante
Cast: Ellen Greene (Ruth), Richard Thomas (Bobby Joe), James Whitmore (Lester), Winston Reckert (Chet), Barry Morse (Reverend Dan), George Buza (Vincent), Barry Stevens (Roger), Michael Kirby (Warren), Myron Natwick (Everett), Richard Comar (Gary), Ted Simonett (Hank), Denton Young (Eric)
Run-time: 205 mins