Is That All There Is?

(1992) TV, first broadcast on the BBC in September 1994

Director: Lindsay Anderson
Screenplay: Lindsay Anderson
Producer: Trevor Ingman, Yaffle Films
Executive Producer: John Archer
Editor: Nicolas Gaster
Music: Alan Price
Camera: Jonathan Collinson
Camera Assistants: Mick Duffield, Louise Stoner
Second Unit Camera: John Mathieson
Sound: John Anderton, Bettina McCall, Hugh Strain, Clive Pendry
Production Manager: Jonny Kurzman
Production Assistant: Rachel Fletcher
Stills Photographer: Conrad Blakemore
Lab: Metrocolor
Post-Production: De Lan Lea
Titles: Peter Watson, Cine Image
Appearances by: Alexander Anderson, Lindsay Anderson, Murray Anderson, Kathy Burke, Laurence Cohen, Andrew Eaton, Dr Tom Farrell, Jocelyn Herbert, Bernard Kops, Rosemany Martin, Catherine O’Neill, Rohit Patel, Brian Pettifer, Neil Pilkington, Mark Podmore, Alan Price, Sheridan Russell, Marc Sigsworth, David Sherwin, David Sterne, David Storey, Tom Sutcliffe
Run-time: 52 mins

The Independent, 02/09/1994

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