The Whales of August


Director: Lindsay Anderson
Producers: Caroline Pfeiffer, Mike Kaplan, Alive Films/Circle Associates. In association with Nelson Entertainment
Executive Producer: Shep Gordon
Associate Producer: Stuart Besser
Production Executive: Victoria Lee Pearman
Production Co-ordinator: Janice Reynolds
Production Manager: Dixie J.Capp
Screenplay: David Berry, from his play
Director of Photography: Mike Fash
Assistants (Photography): Daniel Sanabria, David Harp
Opticals: Optical Film Effects
Production Designer: Jocelyn Herbert
Set Decorations: Sosie Hublitz
Music: Alan Price
Musical Arrangement: Derek Wadsworth
Editor: Nicolas Gaster
Costumes: Rudy Dillon (Bette Davis), Julie Weiss, Teresa Visinare
Make-up: Julie Hewett (Bette Davis), Toni Trimble
Titles: Richard Morrison
Sound: Alan Bell, Donald Summer, High Strain
Production Assistants: Cathy Rosenstein, Holly Pitkin, John York Jnr
Assistant Director: Broderick Miller, Matthew Clark, Beverley Burton
Cast: Lillian Gish (Sarah), Bette Davis (Libby), Vincent Price (Mr Maranov), Ann Sothern (Tisha), Harry Carey Jnr (Joshua), Frank Grimes (Mr Beckwith), Frank Pitkin (Old Randall), Mike Bush (Young Randall), Margaret Ladd (Young Libby), Tisha Stirling (Young Tisha), Mary Steenburgen (Young Sarah)
Run-time: 91mins


Roger Ebert for the Chicago Sun Times, 13/11/1987