Sergeant Musgrave’s Dance

Premiere – 22nd October 1959, the Royal Court

By John Arden

D├ęcor Jocelyn Herbert
Music Dudley Moore


Ian Bannen (Sergeant Musgrave)
Donal Donnelly (Private Sparky)
Alan Dobie (Private Hurst)
Frank Finlay (Private Attercliffe)
James Bree (Bludgeon)
Richard Caldicot (The Parson)
Freda Jackson (Mrs Hitchcock)
Patsy Byrne (Annie)
Michael Hunt (The Constable)
Stratford Johns (The Mayor)
Jack Smethurst (A Slow Collier)
Colin Blakely (A Pugnacious Collier)
Harry Gwynn Davies (Walsh)
Barry Wilsher (A Trooper of Dragoons)
Clinton Greyn (An Officer of Dragoons)