The Lily White Boys

Premiere – 27th January 1960, the Royal Court

By Harry Cookson
Songs by Christpher Logue and music by Tony Kinsey and Bill Le Sage
D├ęcor Sean Kenny
Musical numbers staged by Eleanor Fazan


The Boys:
Albert Finney (Ted)
Monty Landis (Razzo)
Philip Locke (Musclebound)
The Girls:
Georgia Brown (Jeannie)
Shirley Ann Field (Eth)
Ann Lynn (Liz)
The Upright Citizens:
Willoughby Goddard (The Chairman of the Committee and The Managing Director)
James Grout (Businessman, Head Waiter, First Working Man and Policemen)
Geoffrey Hibbert (Solicitor, Factory Manager, 2nd Working Man abd Psychiatrist)
Barbara Hicks (The Lady Committee Member, Factory Overseer, Waitress, Miss Peaches and Policewomen Clark)
Ronnie Stevens (Youth Leader, Split-it, TV Interviewer, Trades Council Secretary and Daddy’s Boy)