The Playboy of the Western World

Premiere – 8th August 1985, Riverside Studios

Designer – Di Seymour
Lighting Designer – Andy Phillips and Jeff Beecroft
Producer – Richard Johnson
Production Company Manager – Roger Richardson
Deputy Stage Manager – Karen Kerr
Assistant Stage Manager – Jeremy Connor
Costume Supervisor – Angela Butterfield


  • Frank Grimes (Christopher Mahon)
  • Old Mahon (Robert Keegan)
  • Michael James Flaherty (Ronnie Walsh)
  • Margaret Flaherty (Carolyn Pickles)
  • Shawn Keogh (Kevin Lloyd)
  • Philly O’Cullen (Denis Carey)
  • Jimmy Farrell (Derry Power)
  • Widow Quin (Nichola McAuliffe)
  • Sara Tansey (Marian McLoughlin)
  • Susan Brady (Eve Matheson)
  • Honor Blake (Lisa Cook)
  • A Bellman (David Sterne)
  • Some Peasants (Liam Halligan, David Lynch, Jeremy Connor)

Siobhan McKenna