The Waiting of Lester Abbs

Premiere – 30th June 1957, The Royal Court

First play Lindsay Anderson directed at the Royal Court Theatre.  The play was performed in June 1957 as part of a season of Sunday night productions for new writers and directors.

By Kathleen Sulley
Without décor

Ian Bannen (Lester Abbs)
Gladys Spencer (Sarah Abbs)
Catherine Wilmer (Lilian Abbs)
Mary Manson (Mary Pinham)
Anthony Creighton (Melton)
Geoffrey Belman (Barnes)
Peter Bennett (Walton)
Alfred Burke (The Figure)
Michael Wynne (Williams and Policeman)
Anna Steele (Cynthia Totten)
Alun Owen (Smith)
Claire Pollock (Barmaid)
Amos Brandstatter (man at bar and C.I.D. man)
Alistair Speed (Young man)
Brigid Panet (Girl)
Fanny Carby (Pat)
Gerald Blake (Mr Brown and Warder)
James Beatty (Nellie)
Michael Hastings (Alfie)
Robert Hollyman (Landlord and Warder)
John Dexter (C.I.D. Sgt. And Chaplain)
Robert Stephens (Warder)