Trials by Logue

Premiere – 23rd November 1960, The Royal Court

by Christopher Logue

D├ęcor Jocelyn Herbert
Composer Bill Le Sage
Musical Numbers set by Eleanor Fazan

Zoe Caldwell (Ismene)
Mary Ure (Antigone)
Morris Perry (Head Steward)
Trevor Martin (Second Steward)
Third Steward (Murray Evans)
Creon (George Rose)
Dickie Owen (Head Guard)
Peter Fraser (Second Guard)
Tony Selby (Third Guard)
Peter Duguid (Sentry)
Laurence Harrington (Fourth Guard)
Peter Holmes (Haemon)

Cob and Leach
George Rose (Magistrate)
Peter Duguid (Clerk of the Court)
Morris Perry (First Policeman)
Murray Evans (Second Policeman)
Zoe Caldwell (Whore)
Mary Ure (Mabel Cob)
Peter Fraser (Henry Leach)
Hazel Hughes (Miss Edith Peaches)
Trevor Martin (Sergeant Pokesdown)
Tony Selby and Dickie Owen (Police Horse Charlotte)
Peter Holmes (Plato, a dog)
Tony Stone (Policewoman Suet, Bass)
Brain Pickles (Constable Mogg, Drums)
Stanley Myers (Sergeant Posey, Piano)